The Online Casino Multi Currency Bonus

Many online casino web-players play with undefined currencies. This makes many online casinos to allow web-players to decide what type of currency they desire to bet. USD, EUR and GPB currencies are the most common types of currencies they offer.

How to frame bonus structures was one of the issues before about online casinos. The un-unified currencies of exchange rates makes this issue falls through importance.

To equate the real value of the bonuses was one of the most common methods of offering bonuses. Since approximately 75EUR and 70GBP is approximately equal to 100USD, the offer of USD100 bonuses was offered by online casinos for those wagering in USD. For those wagering EUR, a EUR 75 was offered. For those wagering GBP a GPB 70 was offered. This only shows that a higher numerical bonus was offered in USD since EUR or GBP has low offers.

With this exchange there are still certain problems raised. Because of the fluctuating exchange rates daily, a monthly significant fluctuation can also occur. This makes bonuses to be offered in round figures. It’s so odd to see a bonus offer of USD 64.3. This made online casinos to decide an approximation value and nullify the principle of equating real values.

With this method, a more essential problem was raised. A wager made by a player on 1 credit USD is of higher value than a player wagering 1 credit in GBP. Injustice is being done to a player offering the bonuses in equated real values. Because of this, online casinos are now offering numerically similar bonuses.  A EUR100 bonus would be offered for players wagering in EUR. A USD 100 bonus would be offered for players wagering in USD. A  GBP 100 would be offered for players wagering in GBP.

This only means that a web-player who wagers in GPB would receive higher bonuses in real terms and be betting more too.

One type of online casino that follows the second system is Play United. Real Time Gaming was originally powering this software and has recently switched to different software that comes from Playtech. Irrespective of the currency used for wagering an offer of a four tier welcome bonus that can go up to 750 credits. Out of the player’s deposit, a bonus of 100% subject to a limit of 150 credits is given from the player’s first installment. For the second installment a bonus of 25% subject to a limit of 150 credits of the deposit will be received. For the third installment a bonus of 50% subject to a limit of 250 credits of the deposit will be received. And the fourth installment a bonus of 100% subject to a limit of 200 credits of the deposit will be received.

Always take note that all limits applicable, wagers and bonus is given with the same type of currency on which the web-player uses to bet.


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