Putting Vegas inside your Home 

Alright, they have it all.  Real land-casinos give the real night life. Land-casino gamblers have the luxury and the glamour. And we are just the casually-dressed commoners gambling right in front of an internet-connected computer. Well, technically, most online casino gamers belong to the middle-class. Sure, a lot of us cannot afford the hotel reservations, the expensive restaurants and the flights, but that doesn’t sound like gambling to us. These amenities are the add-ons, the extras, the optionals. Why would we want those when we got the main thing inside our computers? 

Online casinos are more than video games. They are video games, casino and bank in one. You don’t have to throw real dices to play craps. You don’t have to drop coins into real slots to win more coins. All you do is seat before your computer and let your mouse do the moving.  

Inside an online casino, everything is virtual. Everything is animated and programmed. Luckily though, instead of ordering a large grilled steak in a restaurant reservation, you could still get up from your sit and rummage through your fridge for snacks. Bathroom breaks are available almost any time when you’re at home gambling. In a real casino, you have to ask someone to point you where the restrooms are. Another plus is that you don’t have to be well-dressed or to wear shoes when you’re at home. You get to wear those fuzzy bunny slippers and comfortable pajamas without exposing yourself to embarrassment. Who says you can wear them in real casinos? 

Bonuses are not available in any land-casinos. You don’t get extra chips when you buy chips for the first time. Online casinos offer bonuses so players could get extra chances to play. You can also play for free before going for the real jackpot. In a land-casino, you don’t get free trials and once your chips are out, the only way to play more is buy more chips.  

Online casinos have also adopted convenient ways of cash transactions. Top financing processors such as Neteller provides honest and clean methods in transferring winnings to their members’ accounts. Everything is electronic. No swiping of cards, no handing over of cash bundles and no poker chips to carry around. 

Online casino fun is unlimited. You’re already in a casino and the address is your home address. You can be a regular casino gambler without the costs and the travels. You got Vegas right there in your home. 

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