History of the  Online Casino  

Since time in memoriam, gambling is already with us. It all began with our great grandparents.  Although, they played it differently in their time, the concept of it is still considered as gambling. Generally, it all started as a form of a game to amuse themselves. They have used bones as a measure of security. Later, they changed it into wheels. As the years progressed, they came to coin money which took the form of the wheels then people became creative to follow it with dice. People carried this practice until such time that they came up with a better option of using the plastic card which is utilized until these days.  All these turn of events, have an influence to gambling and casino games of any sort today.  

Formally, online casino all started in August 18, 1995 when Internet Casino Inc. (ICI) made its first appearance as the first world casino. It operated various casino games. During its early years, it was in service but not within the territory of the United States. 

In the mid 1990’s, Gaming Club and Intertops and Sports book came into existence claiming to be the pioneers of online casino gaming. During its operation, it had created a name in the industry because of its reputable service. They had proven themselves by sticking to their promise for reliable payouts, high security, and provided their customers efficient support. They had established themselves to be legitimate and trustworthy. This drew more enthusiastic customers than ever.  

In 1996, they planned to launch the second Sport book, the Interactive Gaming and Communication Corp which became the first traded company in public. It gained popularity too that they do not only accept bettors from the internet but also from the portals of telephones. They set a telephone line which is toll free for bettors. 

Online casino industry dominated in the nations of Caribbean Island, Asia and European countries. Casino was not able to enter into the market of United States because of its laws and regulations on gaming. Meanwhile, Great Britain’s Atlantis is the first known online casino which was licensed by Isle of Man making Solkerzten the owner. This gave the new concept of online casino gaming. 

Today, online gaming provides many features such as Baccarat, poker, slot machines, blackjack and others. For other sites they even tried to simulate the environment of a real casino so they installed music similar to what is in real casinos houses. This is to give more enjoyment for their customers. 

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